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Everything You Need To Know About Online Pokies

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016 in Casino Games, Online Casinos | Comments Off on Everything You Need To Know About Online Pokies

Like every fan of movies with gambling thematic, I literally want to play one of those amusing games. After I finish some of those movies, right that moment I want to do that. Movies such as 21 or Rounders. Those are really good movies and every time I watch them, I always ask a question – where could I gamble a little bit. Luckily, we don’t leave in the XVIII century and gambling isn’t luxury. Luckily we have this thing called internet, and we have some specific websites dedicated to our goal. When I say goal, I mean to gamble. But what game should we pick ?

Rounders are about poker, and 21 is about blackjack and I think that I don’t do well in those games.

Fortunately, my friend told me about something else. Something simpler and some may say better. I am talking about online pokies. This game is quite fun and unique. I think with this game is much easier to win some cash. Well as a matter if a fact, I think that it’s never been easier to win some money. I can almost guarantee you that. But what do you know about online pokies, you ask for certain? Well, I will tell you all you need to know about online pokies.

You see, this is not the only name for pokies. You may know it also a slot machine.

You think yourselves, now I know what’s that. It’s when you pull the leaver and wait to symbols to come on your screen. If you thought about that, well you were opposite of wrong. But if you want to know more about that let me tell you two fun facts. Did you know that in Scotland is called puggy and it’s played in bars? And did you know that it was created by Charles Fay in very distant year of 1896? Well now you know it. And now you want to know how

it’s played or how you could get it. Well it’s really simple. Just download it on your device. And when I say device I mean anything. Android, table, iPhone, PC… It’s all recommended. There is no difference. Some people prefer playing games on PC. Well in that case, some websites give you chance to create your own desktop icons of your favorite online pokies. And if you are more mobile guy, then just go to your AppStore and find them right there. And don’t forget that it’s not just one pokie available. There are variety of pokies. For everyone to enjoy. From some basic like Slotomania and Mermaids Millions, to some TV show themed pokies like The Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

So you are hooked up right know, and you must ask the most important question? Where you can score money? Well, it’s easy. Just go to some online casino website, register, deposit some money and voila. And like I said previously, winning money in online pokies is possible on any device. You can start first and play just for fun, and then after when you become more experienced, register and go pro. It’s really that simple.

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Online Casinos Connects Friends

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016 in Online Casinos | Comments Off on Online Casinos Connects Friends

One of my favorite scenes from high school is, me and my friends staying up late, and playing poker. We were drinking then our first beers, and we were talking about girls. Those were the good times. Today, when we are much older, we don’t have much time for our poker games. Our jobs and families are stopping us from having fun like we used to. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot play poker with each other. With today’s technology we can do whatever we want. So we can play poker online. We tried at first on some specialized sites but it was hard to connect. With growing popularity of the website, we couldn’t logged in and play all of us in one table. We had to find a different solution.

We tried it on Facebook as well, but it didn’t last long. With all that complications with coins and other things. Those things ruin fun. Besides, if you want to play as long as you want you must call your friends to play as well, and that’s quite irritating. Like they don’t want to play poker, I don’t want to play Farmville. Problem with all this was also, that sometimes we want to play online pokies for money. There is nothing better than to gain some money from your friends. But, solution to our problems was online casino. How was this solution to our problems you ask? Well, it’s quite simple. I will explain you how to play online poker with your friends, or alone, for money.

First thing you need to do is to register on some online casino website. I don’t have some to recommend because I tried them all, and they are very good. After you register on website, log in to website with your username and password and leave some money on your account. Then you will have wide range of tables for poker. But not only poker. There are other regular bricks & mortar casino games. If you don’t know, brick & mortar is term for regular casinos. You learn some things when you play poker for money. Anyway, we all logged in and we found some empty table and we asked to join on that table. When we were accepted, we started to play, until the last one lost his money.

Sometimes I win, sometimes I don’t. Like in the song Ace of spades by Motorhead. You win some, you lose some. And we see ourselves, face to face, the winner buys drinks. So it’s happy days for everyone.

If you liked what you saw here, go and register to some online casino. It’s quite fun. You don’t need friends for this, you can go alone and play. Also, you don’t have to play on pc, you can play as well on your android, mobile, or iPhone and as I said earlier you have other games as well on these websites. Also to mention, playing games online have one huge advantage. If you are smoker, you don’t need to think about smoking bans. Personally, I am not smoker but I think that this means a lot to people who smoke.

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Why online casinos cannot replace traditional casinos

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Casino Games | Comments Off on Why online casinos cannot replace traditional casinos

It seems that gambling has never been more available to people than it is today. The reason for this is that it has been transferred in an online setting, allowing everyone with internet connection to play all sorts of games that can be found in brick-and mortar casinos. In online casinos it is possible to play online poker machines, online roulette, various card games, slots and much more. Also, there are different variations of familiar games and it is possible to play casino games just for fun, even without investing real money.

One would say that traditional casinos have nothing to offer anymore, since there are so many advantages of online casino games. However, brick-and-mortar casinos are still visited by many gamblers, they still make millions of dollars and they are still popular among both gamblers and those looking for fun. Here are the reasons why traditional casinos still subsist, despite their online counterparts:
1. Better self-control – in a traditional casino, you are more likely to maintain self-control while gambling. Even though it is easy to lose track of time, you have people around you and casino employees to make you aware of the surroundings and the situation you are in. With online gambling, it is easier to lose track of the number of games or the amount of money you have invested.
2. Tangible money and tokens – this is another advantage related to maintaining self-control. Even though many modern casinos allow you paying by credit or debit cards and that money is as intangible as the one you invest online, you get tangible tokens for the games you play. This way it is easier to control yourself and monitor the amount of money you have spent.
3. Atmosphere – even though it may be cozy to sit in a chair in front of your home computer wearing underwear, it is pretty much the setting of any activity you can do online. Other than the chance to gamble and choose games, online casinos do not offer you any additional entertainment.

Brick-and-mortar casinos, other than casino games, offer a wide range of entertaining program, such as dance shows, concerts, comedy nights etc. Together with drinks that you can get for free in many casinos, mingling with people or playing casino games with your friends, a night at a casino can be a lot of fun which cannot be provided by any gambling website.

4. Socialization – even though online casino games are played against real people who have their accounts on a gambling website, it usually does not involve too much of a contact. There are people who like to socialize with others while playing casino games, or who like to visit casinos with their friends, and online casinos could never offer the same amount of pleasure to them. After all, the cult of visiting Vegas with friends is still strong and present among many people, even if they are not into gambling in their everyday life.

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The Emergence of Keno, Roulette and Craps Casino Games

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Online Casinos | Comments Off on The Emergence of Keno, Roulette and Craps Casino Games

Like everything that has to do with China, somewhat fascinating, and even the story of the development of one of the most popular casino games based on the lottery. The history of the most popular casino games carries an interesting story about how Keno originated. In fact, Keno has emerged as a combination of circumstances during the long siege of the Chinese city, when (probably) the mayor, seeing that there remained enough resources for defense, decided to develop a game for betting in order to collect enough money for defense.

In this and failed, and winning Cinema (Keno) is a combination of the towns, reached by sending a homing pigeon, by which is named after the “game of the White Pigeon”. Ancient Theater is completely different from today’s, because for one thing, he had considerably more character than it is today and these characters were not numbers but characters in the Chinese language.


When the first Chinese immigrants and Kino reached in the United States, they kept secret for long time, and the future as it usually is, a group of Chinese people, to its commercial boom experienced during the development of large-scale casinos, when 120 characters became 80 Arabic numerals.

Accidental Incurrence Of Roulette
Roulette, or even to call it “king of casino games”, is one of the games which is clear and knows exactly how it was created, or at least the idea of it. French scientist Blaise Pascal is in fact by chance, trying to make perpetumobile, made roulette wheel. Its modern form of Roulette, which in French means “small table”. He was in England, when variations occur, and then thanks to the brothers Blank and by then already well-known, but until then constructed the first roulette table with a single zero, now known as European Roulette. It is interesting that when all the numbers contained on the roulette table together, it gets the number “666”.

Getting Craps Casino Games

Craps-one to cover all types of casino games, with the Craps game that the game of dice, and with two dice. Much has been incredible, mythical proposals about the creation of the game Craps, however, most likely it is that the British cruisers picked Craps from the Arabs, when they went through Turkey and during their stay in Jerusalem. The British had a game called “Hazard while the French called it “Craps” which is drawn from the English expression “crabs” which meant the smallest amount of the sum of two cubes (2 – 1 and 1).

Either way, it is certain that the game had developed and it’s still developing. Maybe someone through a hundred years of wr
iting about the origin of the game from the present day will also write about the beginnings of the game, but for now it remains to enjoy the casino games. In a nutshell, it is certain that the online casino has its advantages, as well as live casino and you should play online casino games if you like gambling from the comfort of your home.

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Potential dangers of online gambling

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Online Casinos | Comments Off on Potential dangers of online gambling

Potential dangers of online gambling

Online gambling has become a very popular and common way of gambling. There are two major types of online casinos: web-based and download-based casinos, which differ in the access to the games. With web-based casinos, you access the games through a web browser, while with the software-based casinos, you should download and install the online casino’s software onto your PC and access the games through it. In addition to these types of online gambling, you can also access the casino games through a mobile device, since almost every online casino has iOS, Windows Phone and Android apps users can download on their mobile phones, iPads or tablets.

Online gambling has many advantages over traditional gambling, such as larger choice of games, possibility of playing from home, or in the case of mobile gambling – possibility of playing from anywhere. Even though most online casinos are safe to sign up with, there still are many of those that can endanger you, your personal data or your money in a number of ways. In this article, we will deal with potential dangers of online gambling.
Hacked credit card – before you sign up on an online casino’s website, it is necessary to check its credibility and reputation. With reputable websites, you should not have any problems, but if you register with a fraudulent online casino, it may happen that your credit card is hacked and all your funds withdrawn from it.

Unsecured personal and transaction data – since your credit card could be hacked on disreputable online casinos, it can also happen that your personal data are also stolen and they can potentially be misused. If something like this happens, make sure to notify the authorities. Also, some online casinos may request you to leave your personal data, which they can also misuse or reveal to the third party. Before signing up on any online casino, make sure to read Terms and Conditions and do a background check on the casino’s reputation.

Infecting a PC or a mobile device with a virus – if you sign up with a disreputable online casino which requires you to download their software in order to be able to access and play the games, you risk infecting your PC with a virus. Similarly, if you download a mobile app from an unofficial and unsecure source, you may risk damaging your mobile device as well.

Gambling addiction – another possible danger behind online gambling has nothing with the technical part of it, but it is a danger of traditional gambling as well. It is gambling addiction, or compulsive gambling. Even if you sign up with a reputable casino you can trust your data with and which has fast and secure game software, it does not guarantee that you will not have trouble with gambling activity itself. If you lack self-discipline and self-control, if you are under a lot of stress or in an unfavorable financial situation, you are highly likely to develop gambling addiction no matter if you gamble online or in a brick-and-mortar casino.

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Online casinos

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Online Casinos | Comments Off on Online casinos

Physical casinos always were the most interesting way for entertainment, a fun way to spend your time and potentially earn some money. Gambling in casinos has its charm, and visiting a physical casino can take away a lot of time and not to mention how much money you could lose, not only on gambling but on traveling cost or hotel expenses if you are going to other city for example if you want to visit Las Vegas. Your whole day or even a week might be spent in casino. When the Internet started ruling the world, people thought that creating online casinos or online gambling machines might be a good idea.

There is nothing better than enjoying the warmth of your own home, next to your computer, android or Iphone, and doing whatever you like the most. Slowly people started searching for online casinos, why going to a physical casino when gambling online can save you a lot of money, time and crowded places.
Above all that in most of the casinos you can play games for free if you want or just so that you can practice for the real game. Playing each game in a physical casino can cost you to even sit behind its gambling machine, online you can try any gambling game you want and you won’t be charged.

Having a chance to gamble in online casinos may be a perfect choice for your night alone, when you do not have what to do, buy yourself a beer or two, some snacks and enjoy your night in, other than that, online casinos and mobile pokies can keep you entertained when you are bored, waiting in the line to pay your bills, waiting for your airplane or train, and even while riding a bus. This way you won’t lose time on gambling if you have something smarter to do, you will only entertain yourself for the time that would surely be wasted.
Even thought online casinos have multiple benefits and are a really good way of entertainment, like any other thing you can become addicted to it as well as to gambling in physical casinos. Addiction no matter which kind, Internet, drugs, gambling, cigarettes or even coffee is a very though thing to get rid of so you should be careful especially because gambling can be the cause of losing everything, your money, your house and even your family.

The most of the casinos, as we already said have free and playing for money games, if you decide that you want to play for money, you would have to enter your credit card number, if you have Visa or a MasterCard you are safe, almost every casino has the option for paying with these two credit cards. If you have decided to play for money, you should firstly read about licenses and regulations of the certain casino, in the recent times there are more and more unlicensed and unchecked online casinos sites which only purpose is to take your money. This is one more thing you should be careful about.

Entertain yourself and take care!

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